Insul-Mastic 4010 Vapor Barrier Coating is a thick film asphalt mastic reinforced with fibrous mineral fillers that provide a vapour resistant protective coating for thermal insulating materials, and for chemical protection and damp-proofing of masonry and metal surfaces. The incorporation of fibrous mineral fillers reinforces the film strength, durability and impermeability, and enhances the excellent corrosion and chemical resistance of a thick film, asphalt-based vapour barrier coating.

Insul-Mastic 4010 is recommended for cold application on the exposed surfaces of thermal insulating materials, such as fibreglass, mineral wool and cellular glass, to prevent the penetration of moisture vapour, acid, alkali and salt fumes.

It is also a superior product for damp-proofing and waterproofing masonry and concrete surfaces below and above grade, and protection of metal surfaces exposed to highly corrosive chemicals.

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